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I was introduced to yoga by my mother, a long-time yoga teacher, When I was a child I often practiced with her, playing with different poses for fun. Later on on as a teenager I stopped because my interests had changed. I returned to yoga as an adult because I wanted to stay physically healthy, but as i practiced asanas for a couple of months, I found that this not only strengthened my body but also improved my mental well-being. I became happier and more willing to share and give to others. As a child yoga was always around me,but as an adult it has become part of my life. From my many teachers of yoga I have learned how to rest in happiness and peace, and to be giving and of service to others, Being peaceful and happy all the time is not an easy practice but I continue to make the effort every day. I want to share what I have learned through yoga with others, so that each individual can attain peace and happiness in their own lives. The trainings I have taken have been widely varied. I am certified to teach Jivamukti,, Power and Vinyasa yoga, Yoga Trance Dance and Kundalini Prenatal yoga. I continue to attend workshops and teacher trainings each year. I have studied with many great teachers, including Sharon Gannon, David Life, Sean Corn, Shiva Rea, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Doug Keller and most of all my beloved mother Takako Oka.

In addition to my yoga practice I have many other interests. I travel frequently and love to learn about and experience new cultures. So far I have visited more than twenty countries, meeting interesting people and experiencing their customs. Photography is a special passion, so i bring my camera on every journey, taking pictures of landscapes, animals, foods and people, I also love outdoor activiites: hiking, bouldering, camping, kayaking and surfing. Hiking is particularly important to me because it brings me into close contact with the natural world. This gives me peace and purifies my soul.



2019 Yoga Workshop in Japan

Date: Sunday, June 19, 2019

Prema Sat Sanga, Osaka, Japan


1. Vinyasa Yoga: Inversion

2. Healing Yoga: Lecture & Restorative Yoga


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